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Uchiha Sasuke

                                                                      Soon :/

Hola! Por fin he terminado al maldito Sasuke, se ha resistido mucho! Os traigo 10 nuevos meshes y algunos recolours para que creéis vuestro propio Sasuke :D. La complejidad de los detalles de estos meshes me ha dado muuuuchos problemas (aun los da :E), en general la ropa responde bien a los movimientos "normales", si lo ponéis a hacer piruetas no me hago responsable de lo que pueda ocurrir (especialmente con los pantalones). Espero que os guste y lo disfruteis con salud :D.

Hi! I finally finished the damn Sasuke! I made 10 new meshes and some recolours and now you can dress your own Sasuke :D. Sasuke clothing is very complex, so it has given me many problems: it's a miracle, but I've gotten it to work fairly well (beware pants, they still do strange things :E). Of course, if I give the key to making them work perfectly, I ll update downloads. I hope you like it :D.

~ Sasuke Pre Shippuden ~

~ Sasuke Shippuden ~

~ Downloads ~

Sasuke Pre Shippuden: { Dropbox } { Mega }
Sasuke Shippuden: { Dropbox } { Mega }

Sasuke Child Hair: { Dropbox } { Mega }
Sasuke Child Hair V2*: { Dropbox } { Mega }
*sin bandana / without forehead protector

Sasuke Hair: { Dropbox } { Mega }

~ Another CC ~


Made with Sims4Studio
Custom content for The Sims 4
Inspired by the characters of Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto.
3D models from Naruto3DModelers

4 comentarios:

  1. My God, what a Nice work, respect,
    I really love your work,
    will you Orochimaru, Tsunade, Mei, the Akatsuki, Anko, Konan?
    I am every day forward.

  2. is my intention make all the characters I can, but that ll take time :P

  3. Mods did not appear in The Sims 4


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