viernes, 20 de marzo de 2015

Haruno Sakura

                                                                      Soon :/

Saludos! Esta semana apenas tengo tiempo libre pero he conseguido terminar los meshes principales de Sakura :D. Sinceramente no se me ocurría que hacer para completar los looks, y quien mejor que vosotros mismos para decidir que ropa usar. En este caso traigo siete meshes nuevos, ya casi tenemos al equipo 7 al completo (supongo que imagináis quien sera el siguiente :P). Pretendo hacer una version del pelo sin bandana y también en largo, espero poder hacerlo este finde. Disfrutadlo :D

Greetings! This week I don't have much free time, even so I finished Sakura main meshes :D. This time I just created main sets, I'm sorry about that but no one better than you to decide what to wear. Today i'll upload 7 new meshes, we have almost all members of Team 7 (I guess you imagine who will be the next :P) I pretend to make a version without hair forehead protector and long version too, I hope to have time this weekend. Enjoy it :D

~ Sakura Pre Shippuden ~

~ Sakura Shippuden ~

~ Downloads ~

Sakura Hair Pre Shippuden; { Dropbox } { Mega }
Sakura Hair Shippuden; { Dropbox } { Mega }
Sakura Pre Shippuden:; { Dropbox } { Mega }
Sakura Shippuden (Merge): { Dropbox } { Mega }

~ Another CC ~


Made with Sims4Studio
Custom content for The Sims 4
Inspired by the characters of Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto.
3D models from Naruto3DModelers

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  1. I love to jobs,

    Naruto sims 2 and sims 3

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  3. Este comentario ha sido eliminado por el autor.

  4. I know the next is Kakashi ?
    and Team 8, 9, 10 am I right ?


  6. Las texturas se ven raras en el juego :(

  7. por favor haz a gaara T-T

  8. Por favor Faz o cabelo Dela Cem a Bandana!! Grata

  9. Hi! I'm in love with all your work :3 Just as an observation, the Sakura's elbow protectors are missing. But I love her costume a lot. Please, I hope you can soon make Hinata's costume. Keep the good work! :D

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  11. i got problem about cc with latest patch

    any update or compatible version with latest patch? thanks


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